"When Impressions Are Important."


Professional Ice Sculptures by Wil Wilson

Prices and Packages

The price of an ice sculpture can vary depending on your needs and requests. I have structured my prices to reflect the requests of my clients needs over the years.


The All Inclusive Package: A hand made sculpture is priced at $475.00 which must be paid in advance. 50% down (nonrefundable) to reserve your date and 50% due 2 weeks prior to your event. A second sculpture at the same event will be discounted.  “All you have to do is enjoy the elegance of the sculpture, your guests, and your event.” It includes the following:



-Set-up on your structurally secured table

-Display in custom drain pan with lighting


Our employee will monitor the drainage bucket, and remove the sculpture, pans, lighting, and other equipment if applicable at the end of your event. After the event your sculpture is placed outside in a relatively safe area and allowed to melt. Additional floral may be discussed when you place your order.


A Set Up Only: A hand made sculpture is priced at $435.00 paid in advance. 50% down (nonrefundable) to reserve your date and the 50% balance due 2 weeks prior to your event. A second sculpture at the same event will be discounted.  Everything is the same as an all-inclusive sculpture with the following exceptions. You are responsible for monitoring the carving in regards to safety and assume all liabilities, the drainage, and taking the carving down after your event is finished. Drain pan, lighting and any additional props are to be returned.


Custom Logos and CNC work: Prices begin at $465.00 and up. We will be happy to do a 2 dimensional custom snow filled or multi-colored piece for your event.  Colored and snow filled etchings or fonts, like the Sysco or NFL in our logo section are quoted individually. The price depends on the amount of colors, the amount of time spent on the artwork, and the size of the carving. We need an art ready logo such as an eps file, plotter file, jpg, or bitmap e-mailed to us.



 The Freezer Shot: $ 385.00 for a hand sculptured piece. Cash, or business checks, paid in advance or at the time of delivery.  The freezer shot applies to caterers and dining establishments only. We deliver your order to your freezer prior to your event. You are responsible for setting the sculpture up in your display pan, lighting, and any decorations you may desire. We will be happy to assist you in acquiring the props and equipment necessary for your establishment to build a successful and profitable ice sculpture program.


Custom Logos and CNC work: Begin at 435.00 and are quoted individually per your requirements. Can be snow filled or colored fonts.


Live Demonstrations: Begin at $600.00 and are negotiable depending on the date, how long our services are required, and our delivery schedule.


Television and Advertisements: Price negotiated per event.


If you have any other questions please go to our contact page and fill out the contact form.


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